AccuMate 6/12 1.2A

4-step 6V/12V ChargeMatic Battery charger-maintainer


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Charge any 6V or 12V lead-acid battery, both starter and deep cycle!

T° protected charger with IUoU 4-step charging program, including reversion from MAINTENANCE float stage if high current is drawn during storage charging. Simply select your relevant voltage, hook up the battery and this reliable temperature compensated, 4-step charger will do the rest.

  • CHARGING AMPS : 1.2A (temperature protected)
  • USE : Indoor (lowest temperature: -4°F / -20°C).
  • LOW VOLT START: Low Volt Start of 2V for 6 or 12V batteries.
  • IDEAL FOR : 6V & 12V STD, AGM, GEL lead-acid batteries, starter and deep cycle, up to 50Ah.
  • INPUT : Europe: 220-240V 50-60Hz  North America: 110-120V 50-60Hz.
  • STYLE : Standard case (vented), with 6ft / 180cm AC supply lead and 6ft / 180cm charge lead ending in SAE connector. Fused battery lead & standard battery clip set included.

SAFE: No risk of overcharging. Totally safe for vehicle electronics. Sparks suppressed. Safe for long-term battery maintenance. Automatic shut-down if short-circuited or battery disconnected. 3-year limited replacement warranty.

Product videos:

AccuMate 6/12 6V & 12V selectable smart charger