Group 1: Products that are powered by AC supply have different part numbers for different continents or countries, due to one or more of the following:

1) Product is delivered with the electrical power plug that fit power outlets on a continent or in a country.
Types of electrical plugs used on TecMate products:
EU = European 2 or 3 pin plug, AC supply : 220-240V 50hz
BS = British 3 pin plug with 13 Amp fuse, AC supply : 220-240V 50Hz
US =  USA and Canada, 2 or 3 pin plug, AC supply : 110-120V 60Hz
JP = Japanese plug, AC supply : 100V 50Hz
AS = Australian 3 pin plug, AC supply : 220-240V 50Hz

2) Product carries Safety and Electromagnetic interference certification specific to a continent or country.

3) Product meets power efficiency requirements specific to a county or region. (e.g. California Energy Commission – BC mark).

If the product is available on that continent or country, the continent or country and AC plug type is followed by the product part number, e.g. Europe (EU) : TM400.

Group 2: Products that are powered from a DC source (such as a vehicle battery) or products that are accessories (such as cables) will typically have the same part number for different continents / countries.
Exception: Some battery powered products that have instruction sets with different language combinations may have different part numbers.
NOTE: Group 2 products are not delivered with AC plugs.
Certain products may not be available on certain continents or in certain countries.

BUY NOW: Although TecMate products are available from internet vendors, we choose not to promote any particular internet vendor. We use Google’s search function to make available options according to your locality.