LITHIUM BATTERIES and how to charge them (part 3).

OptiMATE’s answers for a long lasting lithium 12V starter battery

Part 3 is all about how you can avoid problems with your lithium 12V starter battery and how this new technology can be safely used, charged and maintained with the OptiMATE lithium products.

First of all, TEST your system. If the system gives back more than 14.6V to the battery, a lead acid battery is your best choice.

Use our TS120N OptiMATE test to check the running Voltage of your system (+2000RPM) and make sure you can safely install and use a lithium battery. If your battery keeps the OptiMATE test in the green, you’re good to go.

If your system turns out to be fitted for lithium, ALWAYS use a specific lithium battery charger. Our OptiMATE lithium series will safely recover, charge and maintain your expensive lithium battery at all times.

We have a 0.8A solution for at home charge, our TM470. A 5A fast charger for use at home or on track, our TM290 and we have a Select lithium charger of 9.5A@12.8V and 7.5A@16V for your high octane systems, our TM270

MAINTAINING your lithium battery at all times is vital. To prevent a low voltage lithium battery, we have createdour O127, the OptiMATE monitor for lithium. This will inform you about the charge status of your lithium battery at all times. Making it easy to know when to charge.

Our O127 even has a HIGH VOLTAGE indication, warning that the charger goes above 14.6V and therefore is not fitted for a lithium battery.

Even if you just want to check the voltage of your battery, OptiMATE has the perfect tool for you. Our TS126N OptiMATE test will not only tell you what the voltage is of your 12V starter battery, it will also visually tell you how that relates to the state of charge. 

This because 12.7V on a lead acid battery is very different from 12.7V on a lithium battery.

All OptiMATE lithium products were made to perfectly fit the needs of your lithium 12V starter battery. Our chargers will recover, charge and maintain your lithium battery at a 100% charge. So if you choose a lithium 12V starter battery, be smart, choose OptiMATE lithium.