AGM battery charging power for high compression engines and accessory users

AGM battery charging power for high compression engines and accessory users

The growing availability of high performance AGM batteries for motorcycle applications is a welcome development.

With more cranking amps to start high compression engines, and increased Amp-hour capacity to meet the growing power demand of electrical accessories, they are great for the purpose – but charging and maintaining them also needs equipment that is up to the job.

Enter the OptiMate 7 Select, the latest battery saving charger from TecMate. It delivers 10 Amps of charging power and has a selectable dual program for quick and accurate charging of 12V high performance AGM batteries such as Odyssey’s PC range and Yuasa’s GYZs, and all other standard AGM and wet cell lead-acid batteries.TM251-2

Program-1 is for the majority of batteries, charged up to 14.4V and program-2 is for hi-performance AGM batteries that need a higher charge voltage of 14.7V – just select the program and the rest is fully automatic. TecMate say the OptiMate’s unique AmpMatic processor delivers temperature compensated charge voltage and adjusts charge current to match the connected battery’s size and condition; the proven desulphation program is said to save ‘dead’ batteries from as low as 0.5 Volts and the ‘24-7-365’ maintenance mode “guarantees the battery will always be 100% ready.”

OptiMate 7 Select also boasts a 13.6V 8- Amp power supply mode that is ideal for service and custom bike shops; the power supply mode guarantees the battery voltage remains in range during updating of software or adjustment of fuel/ignition map settings with ample time to troubleshoot electrical problems without killing the battery.

OptiMATE 7 Select.The Battery Saving Charger!