OptiMate USB O108 On-Bike Charger

OptiMate USB O108 On-Bike Charger

Four out of five UK adults now have a smartphone and with most devices offering music, turn-by-turn navigation as well as web connectivity, video recording, photos and communication, on-bike USB charging is fast becoming an essential. 

Finding a charger that can stand up to the rigours of the riding environment, while delivering the correct amount of charge, and without draining the motorcycle’s battery, isn’t straightforward, with many cables and ports falling short.

New to the OptiMate range, the USB O-108 delivers 3.3A – powerful enough even for the latest smartphones with USB-C charge connectors, and has built-in microprocessor controlled battery protection to prevent the motorcycle’s battery from being discharged.

Charging is limited to a maximum of three hours, and the O-108 USB automatically cuts charging to the USB device if the vehicle’s battery voltage drops below 12.3V (approximately 50% charge remaining in an AGM battery).

An easy-to-read LED display enables the user to see the vehicle charging system voltage at a glance.

Purpose-built for motorcycles, all OptiMate USB chargers are 100% true power rated, and deliver a continuous and consistent charge. They also come with a built-in Apple ‘handshake’, to guarantee iPhones and iPads charge at the appropriate maximum.

Weatherproofing comes as standard, to prevent moisture causing problems and guarding against any issues they may cause with the bike’s electrical system.