Small, powerful and smart

Small, powerful and smart

OptiMate 1+ TM402&4-2The new OptiMate 1+ has undergone improvements that has turned TecMate’s entry level charger into a ‘de-luxe’ battery maintainer.

Delivered with a 1.8m (6ft) power cable (like all other OptiMate chargers) for security, convenience and versatility, two keyhole slots allow for easy wall mounting and there is a slot to fit a Velcro strap – shaped so that the charger can hang from a motorcycle’s handlebar.

New attractive packaging showcases the highquality OptiMate 1+ perfectly at the counter or on a rack or wall, guaranteed to generate that important consumer impulse buy.

High quality cable accessories are included – such as the O-04 battery clip, which is custom-designed to grip onto flat, square or round battery posts, and the O-01 weatherproof battery cable (-40°C rated 0.82mm2 cable, 15A fuse), which comes with M6 rings that perfectly fit powersport battery hardware. A rubber boot and cap seals the SAE connector against water and dust.

The key to the strength of the OptiMate 1+ is the unique OptiMate 24-7-365 maintenance programme. OptiMate’s “connect and forget/no more problems” claim has been proven and appreciated by millions of riders worldwide.

The OptiMate maintenance programme does not cycle the battery, it automatically connects and disconnects every hour, always monitoring and then replacing only the charge drained in that previous hour. The longer you leave the battery connected, the stronger it becomes!

A special low Volt pulse mode can ‘wake up’ the battery from as low as 4 Volts before it delivers constant current charge. If the battery is too far gone, this smart little charger won’t simply “green light” that battery, as many other designs and brands do, instead it warns the rider that the battery cannot hold charge.