TecMate adds more cables

TecMate adds more cables

One might think that TecMate’s OptiMate Accessory line-up already boasts a sufficiently large cable offering, but continued growth in after-market apparel and the ever-changing world of USB devices and smartphones that all use different connectors and built-in circuitry, demand otherwise! Maybe one day there will be a single connector and electronic handshake protocol, but until then ….. here are some more OptiMate cables!

The USB charge cable offering has been updated to include the O-111 USB to USB mini cable dialed in to charge popular GPS devices, cameras and the like, O-112 USB to USB micro cable programmed to provide high current charge for all Android and Microsoft phones. Just in case your USB charger is further than 30cm away from the device you plan to charge, an 100cm extender is included with both cables.

A charge cable for the latest Apple phones from 5 up and Ipads from 3 up is now also available; the O-113 USB to USB 8-pin lighting cable set includes 2 cables with different lengths, 100cm and 30cm. Both cables guarantee a fast charge from any of the OptiMate USB chargers.

Cables from OptiMate carry a limited 3-year replacement warranty.


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