NEW OptiMate 5 Start-Stop Battery Optimizer

Increasing numbers of vehicles are using automatic stop-start systems, to help lower emissions and fuel consumption, but these can put enormous strain on the battery. The new OptiMate 5 START-STOP battery optimizer is designed to provide completely saf

OptiMate guide to winter battery care

Winter attacks your motorcycle’s battery on lots of different fronts. As the temperature drops, the chemical reaction inside the battery slows down, reducing its capacity and its ability to accept a charge. Add to that the increased strain you’re putti

OptiMate Cable O-40

New in cables is the OptiMate Cable O-40 M18 panel-mounted SAE socket with 100cm / 40″ cable that terminates in an SAE connector. The 18AWG / 0.82mm2 cable is rated at –40°C/°F, ideal for permanent mounting on a vehicle that is also used in cold weathe

OptiMate LFP Select – the most powerful product

The most powerful product in the state-of-the-art OptiMate Lithium line-up, the OptiMate LFP Select delivers an Ampmatic controlled charge of 9.5A at 12.8V or 7.5A at 16V for those racers who want to squeeze every drop of power from their ignition syst

Is it a USB Charger or a Monitor? It’s both!

New in USB is the OptiMate USB O-100, a popular USB ‘stick’ charger that just got better. The updated version delivers 2400mA to fast-charge any USB device. Battery protection shuts down USB charging if the vehicle battery drops down to 45-50%. Once sh

OptiMate MONITOR O-126

New in Monitors is the OptiMate MONITOR O-126. It fits the standard cigar/auto sockets that are found on KTM, Yamaha and Harley-Davidson motorcycles and many ATVs.The 4 LED smart monitor indicates battery status during storage and confirms vehicle char

TecMate adds more cables

One might think that TecMate’s OptiMate Accessory line-up already boasts a sufficiently large cable offering, but continued growth in after-market apparel and the ever-changing world of USB devices and smartphones that all use different connectors and