Power to your tankbag!

Are you the kind of rider that likes to keep passport, money, smartphone and Ipad / Android tablet in your tankbag, accessible during riding or so you can quickly detach and carry it all with you at the next lunch or over night stop? Owners of tankbags that have the round ‘cross-hair’ electrical power entry point (such as Wunderlich Elephant, Touratech, Hepco & Becker, Nelson & Riggs to name a few) can rejoice; TecMate has designed a true weatherproof power entry just for you!

The O-30 Tank bag kit‘s inner connector is a DC2.5mm axial socket that easily fits through the prepared power entry. Once the power elbow is in position the entry point is sealed against ingress of water with custom molded rubber washers compressed with a stainless steel half nut and locking washer. Power is fed into the bag through the external heavy duty OptiMate SAE connector that fits all other industry standard SAE connectors.

Find the external adapter cable that fits your motorcycle’s 12V power socket, from the O-19 low profile BIKE plug for the BMW F800GS or R1200GS rider to the O-12 auto plug that fits the auto socket on a KTM adventure bike, the latest Yamaha Super Tenere or your Harley Davidson, TecMate has them all.

Charge your gadgets whilst riding with the O-103 OptiMate USB weatherproof 2100mA charger that fits the inner connector (DC2.5mm socket) or use the SAE to DC plug adapter (included with the O-30 power elbow kit) to connect the compact O-100 USB charger.

O30_3_exploded O30_1_kit