Ignition system trouble shooting tool, compare two different signals on 1 cylinder

The compact dual-display peak-voltage ignition tester that makes trouble-shooting all types of spark ignition systems easier, surer, quicker.
Ignition signals are fast, high voltage, pulses of energy that can damage even a good digital multimeter whereas the IgnitionMate has been specially designed to measure and dynamically display both primary and secondary ignition signals on bright LED bargraph displays.

Key features:

The application of this versatile tool is based on two basic points:

  • Different types of ignition systems (AC-CDI, DC-CDI, transistor, magneto, coil & ‘points’) have the same basic components with signals measured being generally similar in nature and magnitude.
  • No disassembling of ignition components are required. (This avoids accidentally introducing, or correcting, poor contacts in the system, which may further confuse and delay resolution of the unidentified problems.)
Two signals from the same cylinder can be compared simultaneously, including:
  • Secondary high tension / peak volts – 10, 20, 40 kV scales – use the caliper to measure high voltage between the ignition coil and the sparkplug.
  • SPARK current – measure the consistency of the high voltage spark current signal and find / see misfires.
  • Primary low tension / peak volts –  10, 40 or 400Vpk scales  – use the RED & BLACK silicon tester cables to measure primary signals between the ICU and the power supply (battery or charge coil), timing pick-up (pulse coil or hall sensor), ignition coil and switches (key, emergency stop, footstand, throttle).
The power-sports vehicle industry’s most recommended problem-solving ignition trouble-shooting tool.

  • CYLINDER :  1 (two signals)
  • METHOD : Compare and display two different signals on the same cylinder.
  • DISPLAY / RESOLUTION : 2 x display of 40 x hi-bright LEDs.
    • Left display : Select between 20kV and SPARK. Adjust SPARK sensitivity.
    • Right display: Select primary voltage 10, 40 or 400VPK. Select secondary voltage 10, 20 or 40kV.
    • Polarity of kV voltage : single output coils have negative signals and dual output coils have negative and positive signals.
    • POWER ON/OFF including ‘auto off’ if no signal is measured.
  • POWER : 7.2V NiMH rechargeable battery provides 6 hours autonomy, external supply of 12V DC (11 – 15Vdc).
  • STYLE / INCLUDED : The standard kit includes the instrument with rugged rubberized protective and mounting holster, combination spark cable caliper pick-up with silicon lead, stick-coil adapter, silicon test lead set with insulated crocodile clips and Probulator back probes,  12VDC 6 ½ ft / 200cm power lead, instruction manual & quick reference guide all packed in a custom carry case.

Two-year limited warranty.