Service & Warranty


TecMate will not accept responsibility for loss of product or damage to product that was shipped to a TecMate facility or distributor without prior authorization.


Consult with the dealer or distributor from whom you purchased the product. In most cases the dealer or distributor will resolve your problem directly and efficiently.  Find your closest distributor.
Otherwise, use the Contact Form to make contact directly. Please provide detailed information. The TecMate facility responsible for your country will make contact during normal office hours and assist further.

USA & CANADA: TecMate North America directly manage after sales service for retail / consumer and professional / shop products. Please fill out the Contact Form or contact TecMate North America for further assistance.

EUROPEAN WARRANTY: Within the first 14 days the consumer has the right to reject the goods if they are not of satisfactory quality, not as described or not fit for purpose. This starts from the point the consumer has received the goods. If the customer has purchased without seeing the goods (ie internet sale) then the consumer can also return the goods just because the consumer has decided he no longer wants them. The consumer has a further 14 days to return the goods to the seller from the point of notification. The seller is entitled to full refund including standard carriage costs, including the cost to return the item to the seller. If the customer has paid special delivery then the seller only has to cover the standard carriage costs. The seller must refund this within a reasonable time (14 days) of receiving the goods back from the consumer.

If the items arrive damaged or faulty then the consumer has the right to reject or receive a replacement. The consumer has 14 days to notify the seller, 14 days to send back and the seller has 14 days to refund or replace.

If the item becomes faulty within 6 months of receiving the goods due to a defect, then consumer has the right to repair or replacement as the defect is considered have been there at point of purchase. If the repair or replacement is not satisfactory or not performed within a reasonable time then the customer is entitled to a refund. This doesn’t need to be the full amount, the reseller can deduct wear and tear.

If the item becomes faulty 6 months after receipt of goods then the consumer has to prove that the item was faulty when purchased.

The seller cannot charge the consumer for the repair, or the costs involved in having the item repaired and sent back to them – but only if that fault was deemed to have existed at point of sale.

To authorize return for assessment, repair, or replacement of product to any global TecMate facility, an RGA # (Return Goods Authorization number) must be issued to track progress.  DO NOT ship your product directly to a TecMate facility without prior authorization or without an RGA #.

TecMate (International) offers a limited warranty to the original purchaser at retail of this product. This limited warranty is not transferable. TecMate (International) warrants the product from date of purchase at retail against defective material or workmanship. See warranty period by product listed below.

If such should occur the unit will be repaired or replaced at the option of TecMate (International) or its fully owned subsidiaries. It is the obligation of the purchaser to forward the unit together with proof of purchase (see FAQ below), transportation or mailing costs prepaid (unless assessed by TecMate, see FAQ below) to the TecMate (International) or its fully owned subsidiaries or its authorized representative in the country of purchase.

This limited warranty is void if the product is misused, subjected to careless handling, is modified (including supply and/or output cable) or has suffered physical damage, or is repaired by anyone other than the factory or its authorized representative. TecMate (International) makes no warranty other than this limited warranty and expressly excludes any implied warranty including any warranty for consequential damages.


Warranty by product or product group

AccuMate:2 years
Accugard:2 years
Diagnostic Tools (BatteryMate, CarbMate, IgnitionMate, SycnhroMate, TestMate, VacuumMate):2 years
OptiMate PRO battery chargers:2 years
OptiMate & OptiMate Lithium battery chargers:3 years
OptiMate Acessories (OptiMate CABLE, OptiMate LED, OptiMate USB, OptiMate MONITOR, OptiMate TEST):3 years


On an OptiMate, AccuMate or Accugard battery charger product there is a date stamp detailing when the product was manufactured. The date format is MMYY (month-year) for example, May 2017 is written 0517. TecMate (International) will extend warranty for up to 1 year from thedate stamped on the product. For a Diagnostic Tool or OptiMate PRO, the date is included in the serial number. If you are unsure how to determine the manufacturing date, please contact TecMate (International). Alternatively, make contact the dealer or retail / internet store you purchased the product from and ask for a copy of your receipt or proof of purchase.
YES. For all repair related inquiries in or out of warranty, especially for diagnostic tool products, the product should be assessed by qualified personnel to determine the extent of damage, how it was caused and who bears responsibility. Exception: if a product was assessed by authorized TecMate personnel using alternative means such as photos, video or video conferencing, and then deemed to be a valid warranty claim, TecMate may choose to directly replace the product or/and ship the damaged product to a TecMate facility.
YES. Opening / disassembling the product makes it impossible for TecMate to determine true cause of damage. As an example, the weatherproof seal may have deteriorated and caused ingress of water.
YES. The supply cable is delivered with an internationally recognized safety approved AC connector that fits the regulated AC outlet in your country. Cutting that cable means the product is modified and we cannot be sure damage to the product is due to an unregulated / unauthorized AC supply.
YES. The output cable forms part of the product and ends in an safety approved connector. It is more appropriate to use TecMate approved cable accessories to make your custom connection and then connect to the charger.

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